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Florence event | The Pure, Simple and Natural - Uffizi Gallery

When: 17 June 2014 - 2 November 2014
Where: Galleria degli Uffizi

From the pages of his Lives (1568), Vasari attributed a fundamental role in the ‘rebirth’ of modern art to Florentine artists Andrea del Sarto and Fra’ Bartolomeo, placing them beside the triumvirate formed by Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo.

Their excellent and highly inventive artistic production based on the constant practise of drawing stood out for honesty of invention and perfect imitation of nature, from the flesh to the vividness of the affections.

More than a century later, Filippo Baldinucci confirmed Vasari’s claim from the pages of Notizie de’ professori del disegno (1681-1728), citing loyalty to the values expressed by the leaders of the early XVI century, as the strategy necessary to surpass the Mannerist impasse and, at the same time, to give rise to a modern language consistent with the new spiritual demands of the Council of Trent.

In this scenario, the Neo-Renaissance register of Santi di Tito and Jacopo da Empoli, which the historiographer emphasised insistently, constituted the essential reason to attribute to these two masters the role of reformers of the figurative arts in Florence towards the end of the XVI century.

The strenuous, almost autarchic defence of a Florentine tradition based on perfect measure and serene, intimately confidential expression, targeting a rendering that approached the day-to-day datum, with an at times archaizing simplicity of layout and a clear and compact pictorial technique was to find new supporters in the mid XVII century, particularly in the emblematic personality of Lorenzo Lippi.

Full Price: € 11,00
Reduced: € 5,50

From November 1:

Full Price: € 12,50
Reduced: € 6,50

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